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Refuse Decal Application

  1. Per the Board of Supervisor’s request and approval, effective May 1, 2021, any Spotsylvania County resident or property owner, who wishes to use any convenience site or the Livingston landfill, will be required to permanently display a county-issued refuse decal. The decal must be permanently affixed to the right side of the official inspection sticker when viewed through the windshield from inside the vehicle. The side edge adjacent to the official inspection sticker shall not be more than ¼ inch from the edge of the official inspection sticker. Decals will be issued as permanent decals for each vehicle that the resident will use at the landfill or convenience sites. There will be no cost to the taxpayer for the decal. The decals can be obtained in person at the Treasurer’s Office. If you prefer to receive your decal by mail, please complete and submit this application. The Treasurer’s Office will verify each request in order to issue a decal to a resident or real property owner of Spotsylvania County. Decals are not to be issued to business vehicles. Only 5 decals can be issued per owner even if more than 5 vehicles are owned.
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    By completing this application request for decals, I acknowledge that these decals are being obtained for personal use vehicles only and will not be displayed on a business use vehicle.
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