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  1. Gift Shop Assistants Docents

    Docents are responsible for greeting visitors at the front desk and serving as an educational guide for visitors who are interested.

  2. Historical Guides

    Historical Guides are asked to give tours to visitors (upon request) in the Courthouse area (including the Museum, Courthouse, Old Jail, and the Spotsylvania Battlefield).

  3. Special Event Volunteers

    Throughout the year, the museum hosts special events (such as special historical presentations) and is in need of special event volunteers. These events offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities, including but not limited to:
    - Cashiers
    - Docents
    - Event parking
    - Historical guides
    - Living history
    - Etc.

  4. Internships

    Internships focus on genealogical research, collections, and interpretation. Currently, there are limited internship opportunities, but if you are interested, please list Intern as the position on this application and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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