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Governor Spotswood Award Nomination Form

  1. Description
    The nominee/recipient of the Governor Spotswood Award must be a resident of Spotsylvania County. The honorees will have contributed to the community of Spotsylvania through words, actions and/or deeds. They will have, through these actions, displayed integrity, courage, loyalty and brought honor to the County while maintaining personal discipline and etiquette. Posthumous nominations of former County citizens will be considered. View a paper copy of the Nomination Award (PDF).
  2. Instructions
    Please answer all questions as truthfully and accurately as possible. All of the fields listed below, with the exception of the email address, must be completed for your nomination to be considered. Nominations must reach us by or before May 15, 2015. Write a brief, passionate, compelling story about your nominee, tell something that distinguishes him or her as an individual. Highlight how the nominee’s actions benefit the lives of others and the local community.
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