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ADD Personal Property (can include the "trade in" on this form)

  1. ADD Personal Property

    Please use this form to add vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, boats, etc.  A reply email will be sent to you from a staff member when the account has been updated or if more information is needed.

    Remember to notify our office of changes within 30 days to keep your account current.  

  2. Enter the locality and state where vehicles are moving from, if applicable.

  3. If an existing account, please enter 7 digit number that is above your name and address on the bill. This is not the same as the bill number.

  4. Please be sure to check the email address for accuracy.

  5. We will reply by email, but may contact you by phone, if the email address is returned as invalid.

  6. Account must be created in the same name(s) as each property is titled with DMV

  7. Personal Property Tax Relief Act
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  16. For security reasons, please DO NOT include your social security number.

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