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Economic Development Forms

  1. Economic Development Newsletter Sign Up Form
  2. Spotsylvania-Made Products
  1. EDA Public Comments

    This form allows citizens to provide public comments for an upcoming meeting rather than attending in person.

Finance Enterprise Forms - Encrypted

  1. Vendor Form

    This form is meant to securely upload vendor information requested from Spotsylvania County. Unsolicited uploads or upload from unknown... More…


  1. Contact Us
  2. Visit Spotsy Monthly Mailing List Signup

    Use this form to sign up for Spotsy Tourism's monthly mailing list.

  1. Hometown Heroes

    Application form for Hometown Heroes


  1. Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request
  2. Septage Hauler Registration Form

    All Septage Haulers need to provide the following information in order to gain authorization to dispose of sanitary waste collected... More…

  3. Utilities Development Services BacT or CCTV Work Request
  4. Utilities Development Weekend/Holiday Inspection Request
  1. Irrigation Auxiliary Meter Application Online Form
  2. Stop Water/Sewer Service

    Use this online form to stop service at your property address. We need a minimum of one business day notice to stop service M-F, 8... More…

  3. Utilities Development Services Meeting Request

    Use this form to request a meeting to discuss water and sanitary infrastructure with Spotsylvania County Utilities Development Services... More…