What is the WaterSmart Software Program?

Spotsylvania County Utilities is proud to partner with WaterSmart Software, Inc. to provide customers with an innovative engagement portal and tailored home water reports to learn more about their water usage and ways to save water and money. With WaterSmart, your data is securely hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  WaterSmart’s application servers are protected by state-of-the-art building access controls, video surveillance, and 24x7 on-site security.  And, AWS’s facilities and security procedures are regularly subject to independent 3rd party reviews and certifications.


WaterSmart creates daily backups of your data, and they regularly validate their documented restore and failover procedures. As an AWS customer, their servers are connected to multiple high-performance networks, uninterruptible power supplies, backup diesel generators, fire-safety systems, and a full-time operations staff to take care of any hardware problems.


WaterSmart supports SSL-encryption, uses best-practice password cipher policies, and maintains portal access logs to maximize your customers’ online security. WaterSmart’s Utility Analytics Dashboard employs role-based authentication to provide variable levels of access to administrators in the organization. WaterSmart monitors access through their engagement reports, or export the data to the reporting platform of our choice.


WaterSmart provisions each utility customer with its own private database schema and FTP space, eliminating the possibility of data corruption, entanglement, or privacy breach caused by data source co-mingling. Your utility and customer data is never available or visible to any other utility or their customers.


WaterSmart’s servers and your data are only accessible via SSH public/private key-pair authentication. Each key-pair is individually assigned to a WaterSmart employee to ensure safe provisioning and access control procedures. In addition, each WaterSmart staff member is required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement prior to employment.


WaterSmart faithfully adheres to their publicly posted Privacy Policy. They do not share personally-identifiable customer information with anyone without your prior authorization, period. They believe in providing transparency with their partners and pledge to notify their customers if problems arise, and to work with them to solve problems for the long term.

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