What is unidirectional flushing?

Water main flushing clears mineral deposits and sediment from water pipes by flushing water through fire hydrants.  The main difference between normal flushing and unidirectional flushing is that the crews will now control the direction and velocity of the flow in the pipes.  During the unidirectional flushing process, crews will be operating system valves to direct flow through specific pipelines.  This process usually takes longer than normal flushing as the field crew will be working in a meticulous order through the system.  

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1. What is unidirectional flushing?
2. What should I expect when unidirectional flushing is happening in my neighborhood?
3. Can I use my water when flushing is taking place?
4. How long does it take to flush each water main?
5. When will unidirectional flushing take place in my area?