How do I start water/sewer service?

If the residential or commercial property has an existing connection, an application for service is required to establish water and sewer services at the property address. Please note, Spotsylvania County Utilities does not initiate water and sewer services by telephone.  

You can find the application here.  Apply for Water and Sewer Service (LINK).  Please note this application is not an online application.  It will require completion with signature(s) as well as required back-up documentation.


All new tap, meter and service connections require an application and authorization prior to connection through Spotsylvania County Utilities Engineering and Construction Division.  All applicable New Connection (Developer) Rates and Fees apply.  Please visit the Development pages for more information or call (540) 507-7300, option 1.  


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1. How do I start water/sewer service?
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