How can I register?

Walk-in Registration

Bring completed registration form, cash, check, money order, credit or debit card and birth certificate to the office at Loriella Park. A 2.75% Non-refundable convenience fee will be charged on all credit/debit card transactions. This fee will only show up on your credit card statement.)

Drop Box Registration

Drop your completed form, payment (check, cash, money order) and a copy of the birth certificate in the after-hours drop box located beside the side entrance of the office. Registrations are processed the next business day.

Mail-In Registration

Mail your completed registration form, payment (check, cash, money order), and a copy of the birth certificate to:
Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation Department
P.O. Box 28
Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Online Registration

Find out how to register online by visiting the Parks and Recreation Department page. Note: Not all classes are available for online registration. To register online, you will need to know your household ID number and password. To obtain your household ID and password a Household Liability Waiver Form (PDF) must be completed and on file at the Parks and Recreation office prior to registering online (this form is for online registrations only). If you have forgotten your household ID number and/or password, please call the Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation Office at 540-507-7529 to request this information.

Once a household waiver is submitted to the Parks and Recreation Office along with verification of children’s birth date, if not on file, Household Waivers can take up to 3 business days for processing. No Household Waivers are processed on the last day of on-time registration. Forms are available at the Spotsylvania Parks and Recreation Office and online.

Birth certificates must be submitted with the Household Waiver Form, for anyone under the age of 18 and are not already on file with the department. Online payment may be made in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. A 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee will be placed on all credit/debit card transactions (this fee will only show up on your credit card statement).

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