What is TDFP (Tourism Development Financing Program)?

The TDFP is not an upfront incentive, is not a grant and is not part of a developers business loan.  With TDFP, separate from county and state resources, Kalahari secures all the lending it needs to complete the project.  It is Kalahari that secures their own primary and gap lending - neither the county nor the state are “lenders” or “gap lenders” in any capacity.  Only after the project’s revenue begins will the county and state collect new taxes from the project.  From these new tax revenues created by Kalahari, the county and state return (rebate) a portion of taxes collected which Kalahari will use to pay the independently-secured financing.  Spotsylvania County has no liability for the financing.

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1. What is this project?
2. Who is proposing the project?
3. Why would this be a good project for Spotsylvania?
4. What are expected community benefits?
5. Why is the county planning to offer incentives?
6. What are the terms of the economic development agreement?
7. What is TDFP (Tourism Development Financing Program)?
8. Why was the 1% sales tax rebate needed for the TDFP not mentioned in the performance agreement?
9. Will Kalahari be a good corporate good citizen?
10. How many resort employees working in other locations will come to Spotsylvania?
11. Will local contractors and vendors have a chance to do business with Kalahari?
12. So far, Kalahari has only talked about the jobs created once the resort opens. What about the jobs during construction?
13. Is there enough water for a resort and water park?
14. How much water will the water park use and where will that water come from?
15. How will Kalahari affect local traffic congestion?
16. Will there be road improvements to improve access to the property?
17. How will these improvements be paid for?
18. Are the Thornburg Road improvements related to this project?
19. What will it do to nearby residential property values?