What are the zoning requirements for solar panel installations?

All rooftop solar installations require approval from the Zoning office. Rooftop solar panel installations which are installed flush or flat against the roof are not subject to maximum height requirements of the zoning district, and may cover the entire roof (subject to Building Code offsets, spacing, and other requirements). Any panels/arrays which are installed on angled mounts such that they are not parallel with the roof are subject to maximum height requirements of the zoning district if they cover more 25% of the total roof area; under this threshold they are exempt. Along with the building permit application, drawings should be included which demonstrate the type of installation, location of the panel arrays on the roof, and the total roof coverage ratio. Any angled-mount installation must include height information.

Ground-mounted solar arrays are considered accessory structures and must meet the setback and use requirements typical for all accessory structures. There must be a structure on the property being served by the panels in order to for a permit to be approved for ground-mounted solar. Please note this does not apply to utility-scale solar (i.e. solar farms), which is permitted via Special Use Permit.

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