How many inoperable or junk vehicles are allowed on a property?

For properties smaller than 2 acres, 1 inoperable/junk vehicle may be kept. For properties 2 acres or larger, 2 inoperable/junk vehicles may be kept. All such vehicles must be shielded from view from neighboring properties with either a form-fitting vehicle cover (tarps do not meet this requirement), a min. 6’ opaque landscaping hedge, or a min. 6’ opaque fence. An inoperable/junk vehicle is any vehicle which cannot move under its own power, OR is disassembled or in a state of repair for 60+ days, OR does not have a valid license plate, OR does not have a valid inspection sticker (not including registered and licensed antique vehicles). See Sec. 12-20 of the County Code for the complete code requirements.

Please note these requirements do not apply to industrially-zoned properties, nor do they apply to businesses engaged in properly-permitted vehicle repair unless such vehicles are outside of a structure in a state of repair for 60+ days. They also do not apply to any property upon which the vehicles are contained within a properly-permitted, fully-enclosed structure.

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