Is a permit needed for a small garden shed? What about an agricultural/farm building?

All structures regardless of size require zoning approval, and also must meet setback requirements from property lines for the particular zoning district. Sheds and similar structures that are 256 sq. ft. or larger also require a building permit and potentially an environmental codes review. Applicants should contact the Permit Center for the appropriate application form(s).

Buildings such as silos and pole barns, which are used solely for agricultural/farm use, are considered “farm exempt structures.” Farm exempt structures are permitted in the A-2, A-3, R-A and Ru zoning districts. A property must be at least 2 acres if the structure is used for non-livestock-related agricultural purposes, and at least 5 acres if used for livestock-related purposes. Farm exempt structures generally shouldn’t have living space or living facilities within them. Applicants for these should complete and submit the Farm Exempt Structure Form along with the permit application. Please note that completion of the form does not guarantee approval.

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