How much will flood insurance cost?

Contact your insurance provider for more information about this program or contact the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Directly for a referral at 1-800-638-6620. Anyone who elects to purchase flood insurance prior to the preliminary maps becoming effective are eligible for NFIP’s Preferred Risk Policy, which is at a reduced rate. In order to secure the reduced rate, the insurance must be purchased no less than 30 days before the New Flood Insurance Rate Map becomes effective and flood insurance requirements take effect. The timeline may change but currently the maps are slated to become effective April of 2023.

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1. Who is responsible for changing the flood risk maps?
2. My house is not within the newly mapped high risk flood area, am I required to get flood insurance?
3. How much will flood insurance cost?
4. My insurance provider does not offer flood insurance, what do I do?