What is WaterSmart?

Spotsylvania County recently partnered with WasterSmart Software to offer our residents a modern digital portal where you can access detailed information about your household or business water use.  

WaterSmart’s online customer portal offered by Spotsylvania County Utilities allows you to:

  • Track your water use
  • Set alerts for possible leaks or unusual usage
  • Provide you with personalized tips on saving water
  • Allows you to set communications preferences

To register for this free service, visit: https://spotsylvaniava.watersmart.com/index.php/welcome. You will need your 12-digit water account number and zip code to register.

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1. What is WaterSmart?
2. What is the WaterSmart Software Program?
3. How do I register or log into WaterSmart Customer Portal?
4. How should I use the WaterSmart Customer Portal?
5. How do I customize my WaterSmart Customer Portal profile?
6. What is the Home Water Report that I receive from my WaterSmart Customer Portal?
7. How am I being compared to other households on the Home Water Report?
8. Do I really use this much water?