What should I do when my water service is restored?

After a water main break in your area has been repaired, you may experience pockets of air in your plumbing and some cloudiness or discoloration in your water. Running cold water from a bathtub faucet for five to ten minutes should clear your lines of any air or sediment.  Be sure to run the cold water from the highest level of the house and we recommend a faucet that does have an aerator screen.  

If your faucet continues to sputter or your water remains cloudy after you run cold water through the tap, please call Spotsylvania County Utilities for assistance.       

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday:  540-507-7300, Press Option 1

After business hours, weekends, holidays:  540-507-7340 or 540-507-7350

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