What are chloramines?

Chloramines are a disinfectant used in drinking water to remove bacteria and viruses.

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1. What is the Annual Water Main Flushing Program?
2. When will crews be in my area?
3. What is the change in the disinfection process during the flushing period?
4. What are chloramines?
5. What is free chlorine?
6. Why is the water that Utilities distributes to customers disinfected with free chlorine instead of chloramines each Spring?
7. How long will free chlorine be used to disinfect my drinking water this year?
8. Is water disinfected with either free chlorine or chloramines safe to consume?
9. Could water disinfected with either free chlorine or chloramines be harmful to dialysis patients if it is used in the dialysis process?
10. Will my water taste different during the temporary conversion to free chlorine?
11. Will chloramines affect household plumbing, pipes and/or water heaters?
12. How can I remove the chlorine taste from my water?
13. Will pool owners need to treat water differently?
14. What does the term hydrant flushing mean?
15. Could I see a drop in water pressure due to hydrant flushing in my area?
16. Can hydrant flushing in my area cause cloudiness or sediment in my water?
17. How can I get more information about Spotsylvania County Utilities water quality?