What is SCU's Smart Meter Program?

Over the next 24 months, our partnered Installation Contractor will be installing automated smart meters throughout the County.  With this new system, Spotsylvania County Utilities will be able to provide you better visibility and tools to help you manage your water usage, identify potential leaks quicker and ultimately save money.

The key differences between our current metering system and our new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system are the following:

  • Meter consumption data will be transmitted wirelessly from each meter to the utility office.  County personnel will now only visit your water meter to investigate any system-triggered alerts or inquiries initiated by you.
  • Automatic alerts will allow quicker response to leaks, meter tampering and unauthorized usage so that your property and your water bill are better protected.
  • You will eventually have access to a customer portal that offers visibility and budgetary control over your water usage.  You will be able to see your weekly or monthly consumption profile so that bills can be better understood, conservation practices can be reviewed and communication tools with the County can be implemented.  
Smart Metering

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1. What is SCU's Smart Meter Program?
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