What is Livingston's Blend?

Livingston's Blend Compost is a high quality compost product for use as a soil amendment and turf topdressing.

Livingston's Blend Compost (LBC) is produced from wastewater biosolids, through the controlled biological process of composting. At the Livingston Composting Facility, natural decomposition is accelerated enabling us to produce a high quality soil amendment product. By controlling the composting process, biosolids are sanitized through the generation of heat, then stabilized to allow for versatility of end use. Through this process, valuable organics generated from Spotsylvania County are naturally recycled into a product which is beneficial to plants and the environment.

Livingston's Blend Compost benefits the environment by helping to decrease runoff and soil erosion, by adding organic matter that effectively absorbs and holds water. Without an adequate amount of organic matter, soil becomes compact and allows water to run off - thus causing erosion and insufficient moisture for plant growth. Adding Livingston's Blend to the soil allows for the aggregation of soil particles, creating pore spaces for air. This space allows for moisture to more readily enter the soil surface, enabling the soil to hold more water and allowing for increased plant growth. This also, in turn, decreases runoff and soil erosion.

Livingston's Blend Compost Brochure (PDF)

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