What is Sanitary Sewer Line Cleaning?

Spotsylvania County Utilities (SCU) Maintenance Crews perform preventive maintenance cleaning of the county-owned sanitary sewer mains. The work is done to prevent mainline stoppages and potential backups.

How Cleaning Is Done

Cleaning is accomplished using a high-pressure water jet to remove buildup within the sewer lines. This cleaning creates a vacuum in the sewer system, and in rare occurrences, can pull water out of your toilet(s) if you do not have a backflow device installed on your sewer line. After the vacuum is released, the water rushes back into your toilet(s), and on rare occasions, may splash out of the toilet bowl.

Closing the Lid

Closing your toilet lid/lids during this process will greatly reduce the possibility of any negative issues. Therefore, we ask that you make sure that your toilet lid(s) remain down, with a towel draped over the toilet lid(s) as an added precaution, during the time that we are in your area cleaning.

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1. What is Sanitary Sewer Line Cleaning?
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