Have donations to the volunteer agencies decreased?

Other localities have noticed a slight decrease in donations for an initial period of time. We were told that within a couple of years the donations do return to pre-revenue recovery levels. Some localities have set aside some of the funds generated by the program, and if the volunteer agencies demonstrate there has been a reduction of donations, the locality will make up the difference. Two of the localities surveyed (Chesterfield and Roanoke) have advised that the volunteer agencies have not demonstrated any reduction in donations.

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1. What is revenue recovery and why did Spotsylvania County implement this program?
2. What are the charges for emergency medical transport services?
3. What happens if I do not have insurance or cannot afford to pay for this service?
4. What if my insurance company will not cover my ambulance transport bill?
5. If a transport is made and the claim is denied or deemed not medically necessary, can the County waive the cost associated with the transport?
6. If a resident has reached an insurance limit (ambulance service) for the year and additional services are required, will the citizen get a bill for these additional services, or can the fee be waived?
7. Can the billing company be directed not to send uncollected debts to a collection agency?
8. Has it been resolved so the county will waive out-of-pocket expenses related to revenue recovery if they meet the criteria?
9. Will the ability to pay be considered when providing service?
10. Will I have to pay for services if the ambulance does not transport me?
11. How does the county spend the funds that are generated by this program?
12. Have donations to the volunteer agencies decreased?
13. If I do not have health insurance, are there other options that could be utilized to collect any fees that might be charged?
14. How does the billing process work?
15. Will visitors and non-county residents be charged a co-payment?