What are the regulations for home-based businesses?

Spotsylvania County permits businesses to be conducted from homes under certain circumstances. The less intensive “home occupation” is permitted in all zoning districts in which residential uses are permitted. The more intensive “home enterprise” is permitted in all zoning districts in which residential uses are permitted except for R-8, R-12, MU-1, and MU-2; a Special Use Permit is required in those districts. Home enterprises are not permitted in the R-MHP district.

Home-based businesses permitted by the County are subject to all applicable licensing requirements, including obtaining a business license from the Spotsylvania County Commissioner of Revenue. They are also subject to the nuisance and miscellaneous offences regulations in Chapters 13 and 14 of the County Code of Ordinances. It should be noted that home daycares with 4 or fewer children as well as group homes/assisted living facilities for 8 or fewer persons with disabilities are not considered home-based businesses for the purpose of zoning regulations; they are separately regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services.

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