Making a Donation

The Spotsylvania County Museum began in April 2011 in partnership with the Spotsylvania Historical Association. Our staff includes a Museum Specialist and Museum Technician that focuses on collection care and preservation, donations and loans, museum exhibition design, and educational programming. The Spotsylvania County Museum is also staffed by Tourism Counselors from the Spotsylvania County Visitors Center who are ready to assist you with touring the museum and other attractions in Spotsylvania County.   

Benefits of Donating

When you give to the Spotsylvania County Museum, you are helping to preserve, protect and display Spotsylvania County's history for future generations. Every gift is tax-deductible, with an impact that reaches not only our county residents, but those who travel near and far to experience Spotsylvania and learn about its vast and impactful history.

The Spotsylvania County Museum collects materials defined within the scope of the collection, which includes materials with historical and cultural significance to the history of Spotsylvania County. Many other factors are considered ranging from condition, duplication and provenance. 

If you are interested in donating or loaning an artifact, archival materials or photographs, please contact: [email protected].  One of our trained staff will be in touch to help you start the donation or loan process.