FOIA Officer

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy

View the FOIA Policy for Spotsylvania County (PDF).

FOIA Contacts

OfficeContactPhone NumberEmail
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Christalyn Jett540-507-7600
Email Christalyn Jett
Commissioner of Revenue
Janet Lloyd540-507-7051Email Janet Lloyd
Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Jeff Adams
Email Jeff Adams
Social Services
Jacqueline Bedsaul
Email Jacqueline Bedsaul
Bernita Tunstall
Email Bernita Tunstall

Spotsylvania County FOIA OfficerNiki Woodard540-507-7010Contact Niki Woodard
TreasurerLarry K. Pritchett540-507-7051Email Larry K. Pritchett
Voter RegistrationKellie Acors504-507-7380Email Kellie Acors