One-Room School

Fork School

One-Room School

(at the Marshall Center)

8800 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Located one mile from the Courthouse heading South on Business 208, Courthouse Road.

Stubbs School was built in the 1930s for African-American students in Spotsylvania County and was typical of most of the one-room schoolhouses in the county between 1870 and the early 1950s. It had no plumbing or electricity. A pot-belly stove provided heat and an outhouse sat in the schoolyard. The classroom consisted of handmade desks and benches and a single-slate blackboard.

The school was moved from its original location several miles away on Stubbs Bridge Road to its current site in the Historic Spotsylvania Courthouse District. After being moved, the one-room school underwent restorations with a new roof, a new coat of paint, and repairs to the interior. A handicapped-accessible ramp was added to view the classroom through the windows. The inside of the school is generally not open to visitors. There are Interpretive signs in front and a reconstructed two-seater outhouse sits out back.