Call Before You Dig

Call before you dig! Please call 811 or 1-800-552-7001 for all excavation work anywhere in Virginia.

Virginia 811

Virginia 811 (VA811), commonly called Miss Utility of Virginia, is a not-for-profit organization created by Virginia’s utility companies (electric, gas, cable, etc.) to protect their underground facilities, lines, and pipes. VA811 is an independent organization and is not affiliated with Spotsylvania County Utilities. 

Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Act

The Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Act requires excavators, contractors, property owners, and those planning any kind of excavation (digging) or demolition to call VA811 before starting construction or digging. VA811 will then notify participating utilities of the upcoming excavation work so they can locate and mark their underground lines/facilities in advance to prevent possible damage. 

Each utility company will mark the lines that are a part of their infrastructure. Private lines that belong to the property owner will not be marked. In addition, notifying VA811 before you dig is the law. For more information about VA811, please visit the VA811 website.