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    WaterSmart Program

    Spotsylvania County is excited to introduce you to the WaterSmart Program online portal. It's part of our commitment to provide you with the best tools to better manage your water use and your bill. Read on...
  2. water-conservation

    Voluntary Watering Schedule

    By following the voluntary lawn and landscaping watering schedule, you can help maintain adequate water pressure for you and your neighbors while also being a friend to the environment. Read on...
  3. Do Not Toss It In Toilet

    Please Do Not Flush These

    We urge our citizens to be careful what you flush down your toilet. Learn more about what you can do to protect your sanitary sewer pipes and the community's infrastructure. Additional Info...
  4. Water

    Water Conservation Initiative

    The ultimate goal of water conservation is not to prevent water use, but to maximize efficiency and the benefit from each gallon used. Spotsylvania County Utilities Water Conservation Initiative is established as a proactive approach to manage demand. Read on...
  5. Water Faucet

    Water Savings Tip

    If your water bill suddenly increases, but you haven't changed the way you use water, chances are you've sprung a leak. Find out how you can easily detect leaks and save money. Learn More
  6. Miss UTILITY

    Call Before You Dig

    The Virginia Underground Damage Protection Act requires excavators, contractors, and property owners to call VA 811 (or 1-800-552-7001) before starting any outdoor construction, excavation, digging or demolition. Learn More...
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    Sign Up for eBilling

    Be more environmentally friendly by going paperless and sign up for eBilling. Sign Up...
  8. Water Sampling Test Tubes

    Companies Providing In-Home Water Sampling

    Vials and literature are not being distributed by SCU employees, but are being delivered by private companies selling in-home filtration units. Read on...
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