African American Heritage Trail

Welcome to Spotsylvania County and the new African American HeritageAfrican American Heritage TrailTrail! Our County was established in 1721. As early as the 1730’s enslaved men and women lived here. Almost 150 years later at the end of the Civil War, the names of nearly 4,700 Negroes born and/or living in our county were recorded for the first time, including more than 150 who were over the age of 70.

Comprehensive Study on Spotsylvania

In 2009, The Spotsylvania County Department of Economic Development and Tourism, through the support of a Preserve America Grant from the National Park Service, Spotsylvania commissioned Rivanna Archeological Service of Charlottesville, Virginia to conduct a comprehensive study of the county for the purpose of documenting a general history, with an emphasis on its African American history. Their final product was presented in March 2010 and formed the basis of The African American Heritage Trail.

Driving Tour

Our driving tour covers 75 miles through our 407 square miles of lush countryside. The story of African Americans in this county of the Commonwealth of Virginia is inextricably tied to the churches they developed. Nowhere is it more evident that the rural countryside. There are stories of courage and perseverance, joy and sadness, pain and pleasure in each district of Spotsylvania. With so much to experience and so much to see, you will want to return again and again.


You can download our 52 page brochure (PDF) or use our mobile friendly interactive map to guide you along your tour each will offer more information at each location as well as GPS addresses and directions.