General District Court


The General District Court has original jurisdiction in all misdemeanor cases and holds preliminary hearings on felony warrants. In civil cases, the court has original jurisdiction in claims involving $1,000 or less and shared jurisdiction with the Circuit Court in cases involving amounts up to $15,000.

Role of the Court

The General District Court processes, dockets, hears, and follows through with any subsequent action on traffic infractions, misdemeanors, civil and mental hearings, and preliminary hearings of felony cases. The court has exclusive jurisdiction over traffic infractions, misdemeanors, and civil actions up to $15,000. Court staff responds to various inquiries from the public, attorneys, and other agencies in addition to performing duties related to processing case papers. The Clerk's office processes all new cases received by the court, prepares court dockets, and collects fines and costs. Court staff processes warrants for county ordinance violations and summonses for contested parking tickets.