High Mileage

If reported after February 1st, proof will be required for the current year.


The following are accepted as proof:

  • Inspection slip
  • Repair bill
  • Oil change slip    

 Note: A picture of the odometer will not be accepted as proof.

Use the online form to submit your mileage.

High Mileage Chart

A100,000 to 115,000
B115,001 to 130,000
C130,001 and over
Example for 2023 (this applies to vehicles that have over 100,000 miles):  
2008   Ford Truck - 135,000 miles   •15 years old
•annual mileage= 9,000
•considered low mileage based on age of vehicle.

2020 -  Ford Truck - 135,000 miles •3 years old
•annual mileage= 45,000
•considered high mileage based on age of vehicle.