Technology Zones

Spotsylvania Technology Zone Flier

Spotsylvania County has designated two areas of the County as Technology zones. These are located at Lake Anna, and the northeastern corner of the County. The Technology Zone program serves both new and existing businesses whose primary purpose is the research, development, or manufacture and/or design of technology products, processes, or related services. The Technology Zone program provides incentives such as tax rebates on Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) and Machinery and Tools Tax (M/T). The qualified business is also placed in the County’s Targeted Industry Program, initiating the Fast Track Development Review Process. Technology zones are intended to stimulate business attraction, growth, and increase employment opportunities.

View the Technology Zone Ordinance (PDF)


More Information

For more information about the Spotsylvania County Technology Zone Program, please call 540-507-7210 or email Economic Development.