Life as a Recruit

TrafficAll new hires receive pay and benefits while attending the Spotsylvania County Department of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management Recruit Academy, commonly called Recruit Academy. You will be attending Recruit Academy normally Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week where you will receive fire suppression, emergency medical, and intense physical training.

Recruit Academy Basics

  • Highly accelerated academic and practical training in Firefighting and EMS
  • Daily rigorous physical training
  • Continuous quizzing and testing

Recruit Academy Success 

  • Becoming goal-oriented
  • Dedication to studying and physical training in, and outside, of the classroom
  • Family/friend support
  • Motivation and discipline
  • Teamwork

Graduation Day

You, your family, friends and team members will never be more proud of your accomplishment. This is the culmination of your will to succeed. 

First Day in the Station

After graduation, you will be assigned to your first fire/rescue station to continue on-the-job training. Beginning the first day, you will be expected to serve the citizens of Spotsylvania County in a professional and competent manner, always displaying a positive attitude.