Short Term Rental Tax

If renting rooms in a hotels/motels, vacation home rentals, etc., please visit the page for Lodging Tax.


County Code - Chapter 21 - Taxation / Article X - Daily Rental Property Tax

Section 21-292. Daily Rental Property Defined

For purposes of this chapter, "daily rental property" means all tangible personal property held for rental and owned by a person engaged in the short-term rental business, except trailers, as defined in section 46.2-100 of the Code of Virginia and other tangible personal property required to be licensed or registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Games and Inland Fisheries, or the Department of Aviation.

1% of the Gross Receipts 

This tax applies to any short-term rental business that has transactions involving rental periods of 92 consecutive days or less, and the gross receipts of these transactions amount to 80% or more of the business' annual gross income (e.g. rental of videos, equipment, formal wear, etc).