Meals Tax Division

Beginning on October 1,  2023 businesses are now required to collect and remit a 6% tax instead of the previous rate of 4.5%.

Link to Filing Forms:

Filing form for October to December 2023 - 6%

Filing form for July 2021 to September 2023 - 4.5%


County Code - Chapter 21- Taxation / Article IX - Tax on Purchase of Food Served from Food Establishments


The Meals Tax Office of the Commissioner of Revenue ensures that all businesses that have prepared foods (restaurants, catering, delis, etc.) are collecting the 6% tax for the County, in addition to the 5.3% tax for the State of Virginia.

Each restaurant, caterer, etc. will need to file a Registration Form first with the Meals Tax Office. Every business will be responsible for the collecting and remitting the County meals tax of 6% on all prepared foods (in addition to the State sales tax). The 6% meals tax is remitted to the County on the 20th of each month for the money collected for the preceding month.

Note: If the monthly filing form and payment are not received on or before the 20th of the month for the preceding month, then the account is not eligible for the seller's 3% discount.

Tax Rate History

Date RangeRate
January 1989June 20214.0%
July 2021September 20234.5%
October 2023-6.0%

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