Regulations & Dates

County Requirements

The business needs to have gross receipts over $2,000,000 per calendar year before a business license is issued. However, you may operate a business in the County without a license until your gross receipts exceeds $2,000,000.

If the business is physically located in Spotsylvania County, a copy of an approved zoning use needs to be submitted with the business license application.

If the business is going to have a trade name (not using your full legal name), a registered trade name needs to be filed at the State Corporation Commission.  

Filing & Payment Date

New businesses need to file as soon as the gross receipts are over $2,000,000 or file by March 15th of each year to avoid penalties.

Existing businesses need to file a renewal application on or before March 15th. Payment is due on or before April 15th. A 10% penalty is applied to the tax when either the filing or payment is late. Interest accrues at a rate of 10% per year.