Emergency Management

Our Emergency Management Coordinator oversees and coordinates emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery services to the residents of Spotsylvania County with the appropriate Spotsylvania County agencies and external partners. This typically occurs in our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and efforts are guided by the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), which is reviewed annually and updated every four years. Through outreach, our office encourages residents to become more resilient to ensure they are prepared for emergencies. We also manage the public alert and warning systems for Spotsylvania County, namely SpotsyAlert, to ensure residents are informed before, during, and after an emergency. The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) duties in partnership with the George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC). The Emergency Management Coordinator conducts training and exercises for radiological emergencies, all-hazards (natural or man-made), and disasters. The Emergency Management Coordinator is also responsible for preparing, updating, and maintaining a variety of emergency, all-hazards plans that would be followed in case of such events.

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