Code Compliance


Code Compliance ensures that development and construction occurring in the County meets all applicable Federal, State and local building, zoning and environmental engineering laws.


The Code Compliance Department centralizes the enforcement of Federal, State, and local laws related to Building, Zoning, and Environmental Engineering. The department directly protects public safety through the issuance of construction permits and the inspection process, which addresses state building codes for the structural, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical components of a building. 

In addition, the department issues erosion and sedimentation permits, conducts inspections for land disturbance and manages legal bonding agreements for all residential and commercial construction performed within the County. This department also enforces local regulations related to zoning and land use and serves as staff to the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Board of Building Code Appeals.

Additional Information

To obtain more information regarding the Permitting process such as Applications, Checklists and Forms, please visit the Permit Center.

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