A Message from the Treasurer

Since taking office in 1988, the Treasurer’s office has taken advantage of changes in technology and made changes in our operations in order to improve our productivity and service to the community. The taxpayer can view their tax balances and water sewer bills online and make their payments online. A future goal for my office is to have the ability to send tax bills to customers electronically. Customer service remains at the forefront of our efforts to improve the day to day functions within my office.

One of the primary duties of our office is the collection of tax revenues. We have been very successful in the collection of all taxes and fees at a rate of 98% within twelve months of the due date. We continue to work with taxpayers to establish payment plans to improve our collection rate.

I am very proud to state that our office has received the Award of Accreditation by the Treasurer’s Association of Virginia. Along with myself being certified as a Master Governmental Treasurer, our office has close to 50% of our staff members certified as Master Governmental Deputy Treasurers through the Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia.

My plans are to serve Spotsylvania Citizens the best I can and to give the best customer service possible with the budget provided. I feel that I have a good working relationship with the Board of Supervisors, the county administration staff and all other county departments and I would like to serve Spotsylvania as Treasurer for the remaining years of my career. Serving the public is what I enjoy the most and Spotsylvania County is where I plan to stay active.