Budget Dollar Breakdown

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Your real estate tax bill is dependent upon the assessed value of your property and the tax rate set each year by the Board of Supervisors. This tool provides insight into which services are being funded with your real estate tax dollars.

For a comprehensive look at the budget and all revenues and expenditures, click here to view the Budget Department's website.

If you have specific questions concerning your tax bill, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 540-507-7058 or webpage.

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$ 0.00    (Based on the 2019 tax rate of $0.8474 per $100 of assessed value)
2019 Budget Breakdown
County Services Your Real Estate Tax Contribution % of Total
School Transfer $ 52.6%
Public Safety $ 19.7%
Admin Services $ 5.1%
Health/Welfare $ 4.4%
Debt Service $ 3.9%
Capital Projects $ 3.9%
Parks, Recreation & Cultural $ 2.9%
Executive Services $ 2.5%
Public Works $ 2.4%
Community Development $ 1.2%
Judicial Administration $ 0.9%
Transportation $ 0.3%
Voter Services $ 0.2%