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  • Please note that Federal Express and other overnight delivery services do not guarantee morning delivery to Spotsylvania, Virginia. Next day delivery usually arrives in mid-to-late afternoon. Also, please note that USPS deliveries require additional days from the post office to the procurement office.
  • Inclement weather: In the event that Spotsylvania County is closed during the scheduled times for a pre-bid or pre-proposal conference or bid opening; the pre-bid/pre-proposal conference or bid opening will occur on the next business day that Spotsylvania County is open at the appropriate times as stated in the IFB or RFP. No exceptions will be made in this situation. Please contact the Procurement Officer as stated in the IFB/RFP for information pertaining to this procurement.
  • Disclaimer: Bids and Proposals are posted on our website to facilitate the submission of responses. It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure all required elements are included in their submission. Addendums to any solicitation may occur prior to the closing date. Please be sure to check this listing frequently. Failure to acknowledge an Addendum(s) may result in the rejection of your submission as non-responsive. Electronic responses will not be accepted.
  • For assistance please call our office at 540-507-7503 or 540-507-7524.