Holiday Hope Program

Each year, the Spotsylvania Department of Social Services (DSS) provides Thanksgiving (upon availability) and/or Christmas assistance to our clients through the Holiday Hope Program. Holiday Hope matches businesses, church and community groups, and individuals with families in need. Qualifying families submit an application to DSS and provide a list of the names, ages, and clothing sizes of children in the household. There is a separate application for adults 65 years and older or with adults with disabilities.

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Our need for sponsors is great. Sponsors would provide their match family with non-perishable food and grocery store gift cards (Thanksgiving), and/or gifts for the children. In addition to sponsors, DSS works with other agencies such as SECA, SERVE, Salvation Army, and the Red Cross to provide needy families with holiday assistance. The Holiday Hope Program allows disadvantaged members of our community to have a better holiday season.