Clerk of the Circuit Court

PCircuit Court Buildingurpose

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a constitutional officer elected by the voters of Spotsylvania for a term of eight years. The Clerk performs three major functions: administrator of the court of record; registrar of deeds; and probate official.


The Clerk is mandated by the State to record all deeds, wills and other legal papers file in the County. For criminal cases, the Clerk’s Office maintains all: 

  • Attends all hearings
  • Computes fines
  • Costs and restitution
  • Files
  • Juries
  • Summons 
  • Witnesses

The office maintains files on all wills, judgments, deeds, and financial statements filed in the County. All fines and fees originating in the Clerk’s office are also collected and accounted for by the Clerk.