The Virginia Maintenance Code and the Zoning Ordinance of Spotsylvania County govern occupancy issues in residences. The Zoning Ordinance allows for the following:

Family means a group of people living together as a single housekeeping unit consisting of:

  • One or more persons related by blood or marriage together with any number of natural, foster, step or adopted children, domestic servants, nurses, or therapists, and no more than two roomers or boarders
  • No more than three unrelated persons, provided that the foregoing limitation on the number of unrelated persons in a housekeeping unit shall be increased to no more than eight persons, where such persons have a handicap within the meaning of section 3602 of the Fair Housing Act (42 USC 3601, et seq, as amended) and may also include one resident counselor, supervisor or other staff
  • Any group identified in section 15.2-2291 of the Code of Virginia, or like groups licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services which otherwise meet the criteria of the Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2291.

Sleeping Area Requirements

Additionally the Uniform Statewide Building Code requires that sleeping areas designated for one person are at minimum 70 square feet and two or more persons require 50 square feet minimum per person. There are other requirements for living and dining space, location of bathrooms etc.


If you know of an Occupancy or Overcrowding issue that you would like to report, you must fill out the Complaint Form and the Complainant Questionnaire Form (PDF). We will not accept the complaint unless both forms are completely filled out and signed. The forms shall be emailed, faxed or delivered in person.