Community Surveys for Draft Small Area Plans

The Spotsylvania County Planning Department invites interested citizens and community stakeholders to complete surveys on the Draft Small Area Plans through a new interactive Geohub website.

The County’s Comprehensive Plan includes a Major Initiative Action item within Chapter 1 to develop Small Area Plans (aka Special Area Plans) where unique development opportunities exist within the County. These Small Area Plans can provide additional guidance beyond that provided in the county-wide land use chapter and offer additional insight on things such as intended uses, character, aesthetics, density, bulk regulations and transportation connectivity in the small area. These may lead to regulatory revisions via County Code and Design Standards Manual to help achieve the desired development visions for the specified area.

An interactive Geohub website has been developed to view the geographical extents for each of the Small Areas. The Small Areas include Crossroads Station, Four Mile Fork, Lake Anna Mixed-Use Area, Sylvania-Bowman Center and the Thornburg-Jackson Gateway.

The purpose of the Geohub website is to collect input from the community via individual surveys tailored to each specific Small Area on the types of development that should occur there. What should the size, scale, and look of development be in these small areas? What road improvements should be considered? Are there any other significant factors such as historic or environmental resources that need to be considered and how so? We invite all interested citizens and community members to complete surveys for each of the Small Areas they have an interest or stake in.

The interactive Geohub website can be accessed online via the attached link below: 

The surveys will officially launch on Friday, September 1st and be active for at least 3 months. We invite everyone to complete surveys for each Small Area that they have an interest in.

 Thank you for your time in completing the surveys and providing us with your thoughts!