The Spotsylvania County Department of Social Services (DSS) administers benefits under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program which provides temporary cash assistance to families with low income who have children. Parents who receive this assistance and are able to work, are required to participate in the VIEW program.

VIEW employment and training services:

  • Job search assistance and job readiness training
  • Volunteer experience to gain work skills
  • GED preparation or high school diploma assistance
  • English for speakers of other languages
  • Job skills training and credentialing
  • Opportunities for supported employment through employer incentive programs

VIEW support services:

  • Childcare Assistance is available when needed, while parents are employed or participating in work activities.
  • Transportation assistance is available by request throughout VIEW participation.
  • Medical and Dental Services that support a participant’s ability to work and are not covered by Medicaid may be available. These services are limited.
  • Screening, evaluation, and supports for mental health and learning needs are available.
  • Emergency Interventions to support immediate needs that may impact employment.

Transitional Services available for up to one year after TANF closes for eligible participants. Transitional Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Monthly transportation assistance.
  • Childcare assistance.
  • Continued employment and training services.

VIEW Exemption:

Some parents are not required to participate in VIEW. Reasons for exemption may include having a child under 12 months (exceptions may apply); providing full-time care for a family member with a health condition; or having a health condition that makes the parent unable to work. Documentation of exemption is required.  If a participant does not meet an exemption, participation in the VIEW program is mandatory in order to continue receiving TANF benefits. 


VIEW Center

The VIEW Center is open by appointment only and is located at the Spotsylvania Department of Social Services, 9019 Old Battlefield Boulevard, 2nd floor, Spotsylvania, VA  22553.   To receive more information about the VIEW program or ask for assistance with your VIEW case, please call (540) 507-7898.