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Click the image above to view the UNOFFICIAL Results on Election night for our locality.  Once on the website, you can click to full state results as well.

ALL POLLING LOCATIONS ARE OPEN ON ELECTION DAY(S) - 6AM TO 7PM.  Bring your valid ID. Masks are preferred and appreciated.

The Director of Elections / General Registrar provides all eligible citizens convenient access for voter registration, maintains 101,200 voter records and other election-related data accurately, organizes and oversees voter registration opportunities, recruits and trains Election Officials, conducts locality absentee/early voting, manages new candidate qualifications with campaign finance and supervises primary, special and general election polling precincts for local, state and federal elections.

The Director and staff are committed to providing each citizen of our County the  opportunity to exercise his or her right to vote in an efficient and equitable manner in accordance with the Constitutions of the United States and Commonwealth of Virginia and the Code of Virginia.  Staff strive to manage effective elections while protecting the integrity of the democratic process.

Voter Registration

  • A person may register to vote online through the Department of Elections website or the DMV website. Applications submitted online to the Department of Elections can be accepted through 11:59 p.m. on the final day of registration preceding an election. To complete the application process and sign the application electronically, the applicant must have a driver’s license or identification issued by the DMV.
  • If you would like to register to vote by downloading the form, please click here for an Application to Register
  • Feel free to call our office at 540-507-7380, or email at: [email protected].

Resources for Voters

  • Stay tuned to this website, The Free Lance Star and our Facebook page, Spotsylvania Votes for election deadlines and information. If you wish to vote early, please consider wearing a mask and listen to instructions from our election officials. 
  • Our locality will hold a General Election, November 2, 2021 for state and local offices. (You'll vote by your district for Governor, Lieutenant Gov., Attorney General, House of Delegates, Board of Supervisors and School Board.) 

Early Voting

  • Click HERE for more information on Absentee/Early Voting in Virginia.
  • You have two options - request to have a ballot mailed to you OR vote in person at our satellite office.
    • Request a mailed ballot HERE.
    • In-person Early Voting is at our satellite location - 4924 Southpoint Parkway, Fredericksburg 22407. (Past the Cracker Barrel on the left) Map of satellite office 2021
  • Keep scrolling below for more Election Information - sample ballots, candidate information and deadlines for the 11/2/2021 Election.

Sample Ballot Information

For this November’s General Election, we have 13 ballot styles due to our varying congressional and delegate districts. You may look up your registration here if you are unsure of your districts or want to verify:

Sample ballots per precinct by district(s). Click link in right column.

Ballot Style    Precincts voting this ballot styleCong.House   Sample ballot link


101, 102   (Berkeley Candidates)



BS1 – Sample – 7, 55, Berk


103- 1st, 104    (Berkeley Candidates)



BS2 – Sample – 1, 54, Berk


103-7th     (Berkeley Candidates)



BS3 – Sample – 7, 54, Berk


201, 202- 88th 203, 301, 302, 303



BS4 – Sample – 7, 88


202- 54th, 204, 503, 504, 505, 601, 602, 603



BS5 – Sample – 7, 54


401, 402-1st, 403    (Lee Hill Candidates)



BS6 – Sample – 1, 54, Lee Hill


402-7th     (Lee Hill Candidates)



BS 7 – Sample – 7, 54, Lee Hill


501, 502-56th



BS8 – Sample – 7, 56





BS9 – Sample – 7, 55


701, 702-54th/1st, 703-1st, 704-1st   (Battlefield Candidates)



BS10 – Sample – 1, 54, Battle


702-88th/1st    (Battlefield Candidates)



BS11 – Sample – 1, 88, Battle


702-54th/7th, 703-7th, 704-7th   (Battlefield Candidates)



BS12 – Sample – 7, 54, Battle


702-88th/7th   (Battlefield Candidates)



BS13 – Sample – 7, 88, Battle

  • Click HERE to see the Local Candidates Listing for Supervisors, School Board and Delegates.  Click this link for Bond Referendums that will be on the ballot. 
  • Registered Voters - to request a Vote by Mail ballot - please click this link.
  • The next Electoral Board meeting will be 11/3/2021 at 9am to canvass the votes and held at the Office of Elections (4708 Southpoint Parkway, 22407).
  • A third party mailing will be taking place this summer: 
  • The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government. They have shared an informative online elections tool - Facts for Voters 2021 - COMING SOON! 
    • Click here to view "Conversations with the Registrar's"  - a recent Zoom meeting with questions/answers to local Directors of Elections:  
  • Covid-19 Safety Measures practiced during our June Primary and November General elections, will be continued into 2021 to protect our citizens and election officials.  


We want serve as a County Election Official! (Click here)

Election Coordinators

Absentee Coordinator

Christina Johnson is accountable for all aspects of absentee voting, applications, processing, in-person and by mail, etc. She also supervises Campaign Finance reporting. Contact Christina Johnson.

Election Official Coordinator

Valerie Sorensen is responsible for mailing/handling paperwork for all election officials, scheduling workers at precincts, etc. Contact Valerie Sorensen.

Voting Machine Technician

Chelsea LeViner programs and maintains our voting machines and laptops used as pollbooks for our elections. Contact Chelsea LeViner.

Election Day Coordinator

Regan Halkyard plans and coordinates elections with contacts from schools and County buildings used as precincts on all Election Days. Contact Regan Halkyard.