Residential Permitting Process

Follow These Steps to Apply for a Permit:

  • Locate the application below that best describes the project that you will be completing. 
  • READ through the ENTIRE application packet and checklist.
  • Complete the Residential permit application
    1. If you are the landowner completing the work yourself please list "self" or you name in the fields that apply. If your property is owned in an LLC you must hire licensed contractors and cannot perform any work yourself. 
    2. If you are NOT completing electrincal, plumbing, Mechancial, or Tank work then please place N/A on the first page.
    3. The project value and the water/sewer source must be complete on page two of the application. 
    4. Please follow signature guidelines that are listed on your checklist. 
    5. Please ensure the applicant signature is completed in both places on the application. 
  • Gather all documentation, plot plans (if applicable), and building plans as directed on your checklist. 
  • You are now ready to submit. 

Submittal Guidelines:

  • For all residential permits you must follow our Electronic Submittal Guidelines.
  • All building plans must be drawn to 1/4" scale or larger.
  • If your submittal application falls under the following categories you may submit via email:
    1.  Accelerated Interior/Basement Renovation 
    2. Accelerated Accessories 
    3. Over the Counter
    4. Home Occupation
  • All other permits can only be submitted in person or via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier of your choice. 
  • Upon issuance of a Building Permit the responsible party will only receive an electronic copy of their approved plans. However, it is up to the responsible party to provide a PAPER copy of all approved plans, construction documents, and the permit card onsite for the inspector(s). The paper copy must be printed to scale and must have the County Approved Stamp on the plans. If this requirement is not met, you will be subject to a failed inspection and fees may apply. 

Over the Counter Permit Application Packets: 

(Can be submitted via email to [email protected])

Demolition Application Packet                                       Manufactured Home - In Mobile Home Park

Electrical Only Application Packet                                  LP Tank/Lines/ Generator Application Packet                        

 Mechanical (HVAC) Only Application Packet     Mobile Home Skirting OR Chimney Relining Application Packet       

 Plumbing/ Lawn Irrigation Only Application Packet   

All Other Residential Permit Application Packets:

(You must submit all applications in person or via FedEx, UPS, USPS, or any other carrier of your choice to our office)

Accessory Application Packet (Deck, Porch, Pool, Shed, Garage, ect.)

Addition Application Packet

Amendment Application Form

Basement Finish/Interior Renovation Application Packet

Home Occupation Application Packet - Home Business w/out Employees or Customers on Premises 

Manufactured Home (Not in Mobile Home Park) Application Packet

Single Family Home, Townhome/ Villa, or Modular Home Application Packet 

Residential Clearing Application Packet