Applying For a Permit​ ​

To apply for a permit, please read this page in its entirety and then based on your permit needs please select the Residential or Commercial option that is shown on the left hand side to access our permit application packets. 


 Community Development Unified Fee Schedule will change
Any permits or amendments applied for on July 1st and after will be subject to the new fees
Please click here to review the new fees

Online Payments: Read this section carefully prior to making an online payment.

We are now accepting online payments, Click HERE to Pay Online. Please note that if you make your payment(s) online you MUST submit your receipt via email to [email protected]. This link is not to be utilized for ANY fees related to the Utilities Department. If you have a Utilites Invoice including, re-inspection fees, please contact them directly. If you see that your permit has been approved via eTRAKIT,  but you have not received your permit ready email please DO NOT make an online payment. Your fees are not finalized until that ready email has been completed. 


The Permit Center is the centralized location used to process and complete all residential and commercial building permit applications. The permit Center is also responsible for intaking all planning projects and any revisions for the above three listed departments. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Currently, our website does not accept online submissions of any kind. At this time we are only accepting Over the Counter, Home Occupation, and Accelerated Permits via email. Alother submissions (commercial and residential) MUST BE SUBMITTED via our Electronic Submission Guidelines.

Residential: There is one Residential application that you will use for all residential permits. All fields on the permit application must be completed. If there is a space that is not applicable for the permit you are pulling please put N/A. If you are a landowner performing your own work, please list yourself in the fields that apply.  All residential permits must have a project value included on the second page of the application.

Commercial: There is one Commercial application for all commercial permits. All fields on the Permit Application must be completed.  If there is a space that is not applicable for the permit you are pulling please put N/A. If you are a landowner or a tenant performing your own work, please list yourself in the fields that apply. 

*Please note for Commerical and Residential Projects: In the State of Virginia, if the land is owned as an LLC, the owner must hire all licensed contractors and may not perform their own work

Fees: All processing fees and deposits are due at the time of submission. There will be additional fees due once the final approvals have been completed. Please refer to our Deposit Schedule and our Unified Fee Schedule for further details. 

Additional Information: 

The second and third Wednesday of every month our lobby does not open until 9:00 due to scheduled meetings and trainings.

Upon issuance of a Building Permit the responsible party will only receive an electronic copy of their approved plans. However, it is up to the responsible party to provide a PAPER copy of all approved plans, construction documents, and the permit card onsite for the inspector(s). The paper copy must be printed to scale and must have the County Approved Stamp on the plans. If this requirement is not met, you will be subject to a failed inspection and fees may apply.