2021 Personal & Business Property Tax Rates

Property Class Tax Rate per $100 of assessed value Prorate
Aircraft $.000001 -
Automobiles $6.35 Yes
Boats & Boat Trailers $6.25 Yes
Campers $6.35 Yes
Data Center Computer 
Equipment and Peripherals
$1.25 No
Furniture and Fixtures
(used in a business)
$4.55 No
Heavy Construction Equipment 
(used in a business)
$1.55 No
Machinery and Tools
(used in a manufacturing business)
$1.90 No
Manufactured (mobile) Homes
Moving In
$0.8094 Yes
Manufactured (mobile) Homes
Moving Out
$0.8094 No
Motor Homes $6.35 Yes
Motorcycles $6.35 Yes
Pickups $6.35 Yes
Trailers (expect Boat Trailers) $6.35 Yes
Trailers for Hire (travel interstate) $1.90 Yes
Trucks $6.35 Yes
Trucks for Hire (travel interstate) $1.90 Yes

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