Stray Animals

A stray animal is any animal that is brought to the animal shelter by an Animal Control Deputy, someone other than the owner, or any animal for which no owner is known.

Current State Laws require that any stray animal with a collar is to be held for 10 days, and that any stray animal without a collar is to be held five days before being placed for adoption.

Claiming a Stray Animal

Persons claiming stray animals will be required to provide personal identification, a rabies vaccination certificate, and a county license receipt.

The Animal Shelter makes most animals available for adoption that do not have a history or that do not show signs of aggression or non-social behavior. Our staff handles the animals daily to help determine whether they will make good pets and who would be the best kind of owner for the animals. The animal shelter offers no guarantee as to any animal’s behavior, temperament, or medical condition.

Stray Cats

Spotsylvania County Animal Shelter isn't accepting healthy stray cats at this time, for more information please call 540-507-7459.